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Ralph Lauren’s African leather supplier in Nigeria received UK foreign aid

Your aid helps fashion giants: Just when you thought you’d read all about foreign aid waste. the astonishing story of how UK money funded factory clothing catwalk queensAfrican tannery supplying leather for Ralph Lauren received UK fundingThousands of pounds of foreign aid spent on projects at Nigerian tanneryMP Jacob Rees Mogg said it was ‘not the right approach for overseas aid’By Barbara Jones In Nigeria and Sanchez cheap replica handbags Manning In Italy For The Mail On Sunday

Published: 19:46 EST louis vuitton look alike bags , 30 April 2016 Updated: 23:20 EST, 30 April 2016

An African tannery supplying leather for Ralph Lauren shirts that sell for 2,000 in some of the world’s most exclusive boutiques has replica louis vuitton bags from china received funding from British taxpayers.

Thousands of pounds of foreign aid was spent on two failed projects at the tannery in Nigeria where, according to bosses, workers also prepare hides used to make designer goods for luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

Last night the extraordinary revelation that overseas aid funds have been used to support the multi billion pound fashion industry sparked a furious reaction from MPs demanding an end to the UK’s commitment to spend at least 0.7 per cent of national income on foreign aid.

MP Jacob Rees Mogg said: ‘No one expects British aid money to subsidise the likes of Louis Vuitton, they are quite capable of paying their own way. It is not the right approach for overseas aid high quality replica handbags china at all.’


1. CASH TO NIGERIAN TANNERY:The dilapidated God’s Little Tannery factory on an industrial estate on the outskirts of Kano in northern Nigeria. Here local goat skins are treated and then sold. The British Council funded a project at the plant to reduce pollution

2. BOSS’S CATWALK BOASTS: Tannery workers wash goat skins in anti fungal solution before packing them for export. Some wear masks to avoid fumes, others tie black bin bags round their waists as aprons. Winston’s supervisors earn 100 a month. He proudly boasts he has worked with Louis Vuitton for 16 years

A Mail on Sunday investigation has discovered that The British Council provided cash for two disastrous projects at God’s Little Tannery, which is on the northern replica louis vuitton bags from china boundary of the sprawling city of Kano in northern Nigeria.

Winston Udeagha (pictured) is the eldest son of the owner of God’s Little Tannery factory, Kofi Udeagha

One scheme was to treat replica louis vuitton effluent fake louis bag from the factory, so harmful chemicals could be extracted, avoiding the pollution of a nearby river. It was halted because large fans needed for the process never arrived.

The other project was an attempt to make poultry feed from by products of the leather Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags production process.

Both schemes would no doubt be welcomed by the fashion industry which is under pressure to improve its ethical credentials.

Mr Rees Mogg added: ‘If you look in the annual reports of these big fashion companies they will have a statement on their social and environmental policy.

‘It will almost certainly say they work to the highest social and environmental standards. These are the sort of projects they volunteer to take on and they can’t expect the cost of it to fall on British tax payers.’

Mail on Sunday investigators charted the incredible journey of the leather hides from the dilapidated tannery in Kano to the hub of the African leather importing business in Southern Italy.

The majority of the God’s Little Tannery skins shipped to Southern Italy are bought by leather agents the Romano brothers who in turn sell them on to a local tannery called Europell.

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There Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags the hides are turned into suede and then sold on to factories in Tuscany and northern Italy that produce clothes, bags and shoes for a host of designer brands dolabuy , including Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, Fendi, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo and Valentino.

One of the Tuscan factories is run by the Morelli Group owned by Monaldo Morelli. His company has 200 high quality designer replica handbags wholesale employees and an annual turnover of around 35 million.

Mr Morelli said: ‘They [the suede items] started in Nigeria.’

3. THE ITALIAN CONNECTION: Pasquale de Piano fake designer bags , owner of the Europell factory in southern Italy, checks the skins from Nigeria. In Italy they are treated again and turned into suede. They are then sold on to factories in other parts of Italy to be transformed into hugely expensive designer goods for luxury brands

4. 2k TOP YOU HELPED CREATE:Monaldo Morelli, owner of the Morelli Group factory in Tuscany, and a colleague examine a suede shirt already bearing the distinctive motif of the Ralph Lauren brand. It will be part of next year’s collection and will go on sale for 2,000. The Morelli Group has a turnover of 35 million

Production development manager at Morelli, Allegra Colussi, showed off a suede women’s shirt for Ralph Lauren which was made using Nigerian suede from Europell.

Named the Charmain, the suede shirt is destined to be part of Ralph Lauren’s forthcoming collection.

Senior product manager at Morelli, Valentina Zancarlin, said the factory sells items such as the shirt to Ralph Lauren for around 275.

The fashion giant will cheap louis vuitton bags from china then mark up the garment by seven Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags or eight times meaning the Charmain shirt will be expected to retail for more than 2,000.

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